Attention Year 12 and 13 Students

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Creating tomorrow’s disability sector’s workforce today!

Did you know?
▪ Up to 36,000 new workers are needed in the Queensland disability sector.
▪ Employers are finding it difficult to recruit the right workers.
▪ Not all jobs require a qualification.
▪ Employers are looking for candidates with certain values which fit with the disability sector e.g. respect and resilience.

Join a Jobs Roadshow and be part of:

  • Connecting workers and employers. Jobs Roadshows are mass online recruitment events connecting job seekers with employers to fill a wide range of jobs in the disability sector.
  • Live recruitment – At Jobs Roadshows you will hear from a range of employers who are currently recruiting for jobs in your area right now.
  • Speed interviews – Take part in a Speed Interview to show why YOU are the right person for the job!

Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 1pm

Register Today via this link: NDIS Jobs Roadshow invitation_BrisbaneNorth