Industry Roundtables

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The Australian Government are hosting a series of virtual Industry Roundtables to gain industry and employer views on the delivery and value of VET for Secondary Students. The Industry Roundtables will be facilitated by The Social Deck and insights gained from the workshops will inform the development of the National VET for Secondary Students Strategy. Please visit the Skills Reform Hub at VET for Secondary Students Reforms – Skills Reform to find out more and register for one of the Industry Roundtables sessions.
Industry and employer input is an important first step to help us develop the National Strategy and you are welcome to share this link to any industry or employers who you think would like to participate in the consultations.

Online Feedback Forms

In conjunction with the Industry Roundtables, online feedback forms are also available  for you to provide your thoughts on how to improve the quality and industry relevance of VET delivered to secondary students in the context of the development of a National Strategy. You can complete the feedback forms regardless of whether or not you are attending the Industry Roundtables. The following feedback forms are available:

  1. Industry Feedback Form – for completion by industry representatives and employers
  2. Other Stakeholders Feedback Form – for completion by any stakeholders with an interest in VET for secondary students including schools and training providers.

Regional, Rural and Remote Delivery

In addition, the department is seeking stakeholder views on the delivery of VET for secondary students in rural regional and remote localities. If you would be interested in completing a survey on delivery in these locations, you can access the survey here:  Regional, Rural and Remote Delivery Feedback Form